Love Story

“I met Waldo on Monday and there was just something about him that two days later brought me back. I took him out for a short walk and then returned him so to go home and fetch my Tashi to do a meet and greet. That, too, worked out well. Excited about the outcome, I asked them to take Waldo inside and give him his last shot and that I would return after dropping Tashi at home. Arriving back at the Rescue I learned a bit about your story and and the generous, and kind, and wonderful thing you did in Roxy’s memory! I want to thank you so much for your generosity…Thank you for your kindness. I am sorry for your loss. You changed Roxy’s life and now Waldo’s life as well as mine has changed.”

“The generosity you and your family shared with others that day, was heart warming and unbelievable. Thank you from all of us, in our family. Every night, I thank say a prayer for you. “